There's no way desync is as bad an issue as some of you're making it out to be

I’ve watched a bunch of clips recently where people have claimed desync and it is literally just them missing. Even in Sean W’s video from 5 months ago his two big money clips to reveal desync are not even desync. In the first one he clearly misses, and in the second one he’s killed by bullets to his body, not his head. He thinks he’s in cover, he’s not. They probably shot his arm or leg for that kill. If you’re dying round corners, what’s the delay, a second, longer? If it’s pretty instantaneous then they probably just caught your tail no? How can you die round corners and not get hits registered so much? It favours the shooter so if your reticule is red your bullets are going to hit unless you do have severe desync. An unplayable amount. Do you have that every game? If you are experiencing desync for briefest of moments just as you lose a 1v1 then chances are… It’s just you, not the desync. You’re making a mistake in thinking it’s desync.

If you think you experience desync every single game. Take clips, make a montage of it. Get it documented. There clearly is desync happening but it can’t possibly be as bad as some people are saying. I’ve played 700+ games and have had a handful of moments that I’d consider desync. The odd Hammer smash not doing anything and me dying. Big whoop. Seems more an issue with the hammer rules than the connection to me. Watch your clips back, I imagine lots are just your perception being wrong in the moment. Theatre doesn’t work LOL. Take an Xbox clip.

Those who experience relay bad desync, are you on Xbox One OG consoles? Think that has something to do with it? Has anyone on Series X had much desync?


I don’t know if it’s desync but I notice lots of little inconsistencies in game performance. One recent one was a bulldog 1v1 I had with someone. I shoot first, then he shoots, I shoot, he shoots, I’m expecting my next shot to come and kill him since I had fired the first shot. Nope, somehow he’s able to shoot again before I can and I lose the 1v1.

I’m on Xbox Series X with generally pretty low ping.


The bulldog is automatic, maybe he held the trigger and you tapped it?

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Some people play with McDonald’s connection and blame 343


Mom’s on the iPad streaming real housewives, dad’s got four Alexa devices telling him the temperature, the football scores, keeping an eye on the RING doorbell and playing 80s radio, five phones in the house all on WiFi, big sis is watching Disney+ while browsing her phone, spotify on the iPad, little brother Mo is playing Fortnite all day and they pay $13 a month for the internet.

Why 343 rubberband me??


Well, It’s either desync or cheaters. I can’t tell for certain, all I know is that the enemies don’t die even though I’m putting an entire magazine into their heads. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Inb4, bad connection: I’m a single person household, no other devices connected to the Internet and I don’t have even remotely similar issues in any of the games on the MCC.
The fact of the matter is, ping in Infinite is significantly higher than the MCC and it has only gotten worse since this week’s update:
In MCC I reach pings around 10-20ms, depending on Server. In Infinite’s Season 1 I was consistently around 60-80ms. Since Season 2 I haven’t found a single match below 120ms, most are way higher.


Best to aim for the body. Only the final shot to the head. Does it have to be desync or cheaters or could it be stray bullets…

I never have my ping visible so I don’t know how Halo Infinite compares to any other game for me. Thank you for explaining how yours is worse. Interesting to know if others get higher ping games specifically in this.

How does it compare to other games?

lol then do more research and stop undermining peoples criticisms of an objective problem.


I need some evidence to help me with my research. I can’t find any.

I’ve seen nothing that validates the severity of the claims.

Calling people morons.

Unless it fits your narrative in which case basic intelligence applies.

Interesting. There’s no need to sling insults at anyone.

I nicely explained to you that the bulldog was fully automatic. Something you didn’t understand. So maybe it’s possible other people here are misunderstanding many things.

Then watch mint blitz. His video shows how bad it was in season 1 and its now worse in season 2. The evidence is there. Youre just not looking


You got a link? Literally no idea what you’re referring to.

Mint Blitz has tons of video and none of them seem to be focused on displaying issues with desync at all. Not at face value anyway. I’m not a fan so I don’t know how I’m supposed to find this.

I’ve seen some clips of desync. I’ve seen far .ore clips claiming to be desync that aren’t. This has led me to the conclusion that many players are crying desync when it actually isn’t. As I’ve already seen a bunch of that.

Factoring in the fact I’ve played loads and not experienced desync. Call me skeptical but my current information is pointing towards that. I’m open to changing my views.

Try playing from Argentina on the NA servers and then tell me desync is not a big deal.


Just google mint blitz desync or road man desync its not difficult to do. Thats a pretty narrow search topic

Can’t find anything of relevance. There’s one video with the word desync in it from him and I’m not watching it as it covers other things too. Where are the clips?

Where is the data to support it?

I wonder what the closest server is in Argentina. I imagine places with lower playerbase have a rough time finding good connections games.


Dont know what else to do. Cant post links here and i cant be bothered to beg you to research something that youre fortunate enough not to be experiencing. Just googled both those terms and went to videos and the first videos were both relevant. This ones on you.

Youre wrong. Desync exists.


Thank you, I acknowledged that when I made the topic.

I just think that a large proportion of people are shouting desync at everything and not necessarily desync. I watched a video with 87k views that kept showing the same clips that weren’t desync.

How can people expect 343 to fix desync when they can’t even differentiate player skill from desync?

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Is there any need for insults?

You don’t have to believe me, but I’m genuine in this topic. I would love to have someone throw a body of evidence my way so I can shut up, apologise and understand the complaints more.

So far I have no appreciation for these complaints or concerns because everything I’ve seen has been contrary to them. Other than a handful of clips of significant desync. Most complaints I’ve seen have not been desync. Clips of literal missed shots or players having body parts sticking out.

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So watch more videos. I told you what to google search. Lol if 343 themselves are acknowledging that desync is a major issue, then youre just shooting yourself in the foot claiming that its not.

Oh and exMOS is right, youre effing gaslighting players with your claims, so you should stop.

I literally did that and you said you found nothing. ITS THERE WITH BOTH OF THOSE SEARCH QUERIES