There's no labor of love in this game, just profit

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Face it, although Old Bungie was forced by MS into doing the multiple Halos there was still a wonderful labor of love and dedication to the fan base not because they treated us like we were a golden goose but because they loved to impress the community. It was dedication and setting themselves to a higher standard. Halo 2 barely launched yet it was revered as one the best online games of xbox at the time. What has Halo 4, 5, and MCC shown us of 343i? imagination, sure (very slopilly executed though), innovation (ha, don’t make me laugh. their supposed innovation lacks refinement, not to mention updates of content that should define a halo game day 1) 343i its time to put up or shut up, either step up to the plate or you are going to find that it’s too late to play ball because you already struck out! Do you think I want to write this post, I was actually hoping to avoid it but then this Reach fiasco happened. You could have done something fantastic for fans besides armor from Reach. You could have given us the first asymmetrical content map from Reach that would have complimented 5’s control scheme wonderfully but nooooo, you decided to go with another remix of an existing map (it is lazy, don’t deny it 343i defenders) and gave us skins that were already available to begin with for some. take your time with 6, in fact take a whole 5 years, because clearly 3 years just isn’t enough time for you guys working on a next-gen console. And how the heck is a phaeton a memory of Reach? because I am so sure that noble six rode off into the sunset in one of those babies… there my therapeutic rant is done, carry on my wayward sons…there wil be peace when you are done…lay your weary heads to rest… don’t give us junk no moreeeeeee!!!