There's Delta Ring (A Roblox Halo game)

It’s a very cool Roblox Halo game that plays a lot like classic Halo. That means no sprint. It implemented Halo’s mechanics nicely while also featuring classic maps, classic weapons, and playable Elites. Delta Ring does unlocks better than Halo Infinite, and you can earn in-game currency to spend at the item shop by playing. No the game does not ask for your actual money at all unlike Infinite. People say Infinite is the spiritual successor to Halo 3, but I say Delta Ring is the real spiritual successor to H3. If any of you were disappointed by Infinite and want a neat Halo experience, give it a shot.

Yes, you can play it on Xbox.


Add h at the start of the link.

Watched 10 minutes of gameplay, it’s pretty neat.

I mean, the graphics are terrible because it’s a Roblox game, but I dig the idea. A lot of effort from its creators too!

Not gonna stop playing Infinite for it, but fun to check out.

Showcase maps from Roblox would like to have a word with you. Not that graphics matter at all.