There's alot of Aim bots going about

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I’ve noticed alot of cheating going on and it’s making me play very badly because people feel the need to have aim bots or a hack that can see through walls it’s getting ridiculous

EDIT: Can always check this out to see if it’s related to cheating etc


I have yet to encounter anything. I am top leader board everytime…I get worried that people think I’m cheating but its just that the majority of people suck at this game.


trust me, there players that have aim bots and seeing through walls,


Lol, not true. Only half my shots count and makes ppl look better than they are. 2 or 3 melees, desync is very very noticable and i’m connecting to the wrong servers as well.


This video shows what you’re mostly likely experiencing.

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Man that’s just shameful as fk

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Have you created a support ticket with evidence and submitted it?

I wouldn’t know how to go about with the evidence, but I do know there’s al0ot of cheaters atm, especially in ranked

Well you aren’t getting anywhere with just this thread bro. Hit the support link, and you link clips of your gameplay, theater or your own clips you did while playing. You can upload it with your ticket. This is how stuff gets done. This is how players get banned. A thread created about the issue…everyone knows cheaters exist and the built in system isn’t going to catch everything. Like the topic itself won’t do anything. Create the ticket and get that cheater out of MM. You get sent an email that it’s being investigated, and an update. You also send a reply with any other concerns, or if you feel unsatisfied with how it was resolved.

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Wow you sure have an active imagination

Yeah it’s pretty bad. What gets me is why anyone does it in social, but they do. I ran into someone in FIESTA of all places

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Those don’t accomplish anything

They do. If you want to advocate creating threads about it JUST for the sake of stating the obvious of what we already know. Ok. Great accomplishment there buddy.

I guarantee there are still multiple accounts that cheat daily that have been reported since this all began


Yeah especially in ranked i’ve been killed by some pretty sus shots like right out of a ghost with a sniper rifle. I still have the guys name but I can’t find a way to report him.

There is a bunch of PC players using programs to give themselves artificial aim assist with M&KB

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I’ve gotten people banned and have gotten the emails I spoke of. Even in halo 5, a DEAD game in comparison…

Do you not see how stupid it is to basically tell the users " yea don’t use the only service available to you to report players. " wake up dude. You gotta be extra special to argue that. So please save yourself from doing so.

There’s also a means to escalate the report, and the severity of it. If you’ve ever actually used it yourself and interacted during a support ticket through the emails you’d know. It isn’t just the account itself that gets looked at. The actual origin of the account gets looked into especially if it’s a multiple offender. It never gets looked into if some numbnut barges in each time

-yea that’s a waste of time. Don’t bother.

You sound like one cool dude.

You’re yelling into the void, I don’t even think you know which person you’re replying to anymore.

And no, it doesn’t work. You having some weird lucky and having it work 5 times is so unlikely that nobody here is probably falling for it.

I mean, if you’ve got a friend in the department that’s different, you know someone that can ban those people

The entire support service serves a purpose to the community. It’s not luck, like what the hell are you even talking about? You really are that dumb to actually come to the forums and preach to not submit tickets and report players or issues…what are you doing bro? Like seriously. What the hell do you think you’re accomplishing with that? Stop trying to look right because you’re looking dumb as hell right now. To argue with someone who’s advocating to use the proper route to resolve an issue…like…you can’t be that dense…but you replying a second time in this dumb way…I guess you are.

I’m replying to you. My phone just refreshes the page automatically sometimes for whatever reason and removes who I’m replying to it seems.