"there was a problem with the dedicated server"

Ok, so ive been playing this game for three days now. no game ending errors. Now after i tried to stream the game on twitch ( shameless plug: www.twitch.tv/rebelzedgaming ) i cant connect to a game. arena? nope. Warzone? nope. Custom games? nope. Forge? nope. all i get is Attention: there was a problem with the Dedicated Server. Please try again. i have only gotten one game to work in the ten i have tried to start.

Same hwre, I think servers are down.

Same… things running really slowly and I keep getting different error messages too.

The servers are dying lol. I have also been d-dosed today.

the servers are down for me too I can hardly play a game. I’m quoting a friend here but he said “dedicated servers my -Yoink-” its frustrating but I suppose its time to play something else.

I’ve restarted my router my Xbox too same thing. :frowning:

I have been able to play games but at anytime in the game it kicks me out and displays this message. This has happened the past few days. Ill probably get temp. banned because it probably thinks Im quitting these games.


Was trying to play big team battle kept getting the same error. Switched to holiday social and have been having better luck connecting

Servers are down