There Should Be Orange Weapons Pads

Because there are only two kinds of weapon pads some weapons that should be strong, namely the Hydra and ravager, are too weak, I dare say weaker than weapons you can pick up off a blue weapon pad.
The majority of weapons on red weapon pads are not strong enough to warrant only spawning once the last one is out of ammo. I believe the majority of ‘red’ weapons should be moved down to orange weapon pads and a few weapons should be buffed and be on red weapon pads.
Orange weapon pads should simply have a longer respawn time than blue weapon pads or have a less strict stipulation than a red weapon pad.

That’s the gist of what I had to say so now I’m going to write the balance in a bit more depth.

Pulse Carbine - Blue
Ideal Pulse Carbine - Blue The sweet spot, the distance from your target where you can melt their face off, should be Broadened.

Battle Rifle - Blue

Commando - Blue Literally mathematically worse than your Sidekick.
Ideal Commando - Blue The damage of each shot needs to either be Identical to the Sidekick or do like 10% more damage than the Sidekick. Or it should take one less shot to break the shield than the Sidekick.

Shock Rifle - Red

Mangler - Blue

Plasma Pistol - Blue
Ideal Plasma Pistol - Blue I believe the standard firing mode should do just a bit more shield damage.

Disrupter - Blue
Ideal Disrupter - Blue The DOT should be activated once you land two shots, and the projectile speed should be increased. Maybe a few more shots in each battery as well.

Bulldog - Blue/Orange
Ideal Bulldog - Orange I don’t know what’s up with this shotgun, but I can never kill in two shots. It either needs a tighter spread and longer range, or a damage increase of around 25%.

Heatwave - Orange

Sentinel Beam - Orange

Needler - Orange

Stalker Rifle - Orange/Red

Ravager - Blue/Orange
Ideal Ravager - Red The AOE DOT needs to kill with a little time to spare if an enemy stands in it for the entire duration. It should break shields in 2 shots and kill with 4 body shots or 2 headshots. A fully shielded enemy would take 2 bursts or less to kill. I think this is reasonable because of its very short range. Also I would like to add that right now the bullet magnetism on this thing needs to be toned down, every time I shoot it lands between the enemy’s legs.

Hydra - Orange
Ideal Hydra - Red Due to its low fire rate, ammo capacity, and blast radius as well as its slow reload speed and projectile speed, it should kill with 2 rockets in both firing modes. To balance out the homing mode, it should have a shorter tracking range and take a longer time to lock on as well as require you to have a tighter aim on your target while its locking on.

Sniper Rifle - Power Weapon
Skewer - Power Weapon
Cindershot - Power Weapon
Rocket Launcher - Power Weapon