There should be more skulls into the game

It doesn’t have to be for scores. The difficulty skulls are okay but there are about… two skulls that are actually fun and its Birthday Party and IWHBYD even though one is less consistent than the other. Skulls in back in Halo CE and 2 were just thrown out like Infinite ammo and Beam gun (Why did they never come back?). And a recent flying skull in Halo 3 was a good attachment for fun. They should be adding more unique skulls like those in Infinite.

I’m just saying that skulls were honestly looked down on me because of how little there are. With an apparently huge map in Infinite, I think more skulls are reasonable. Because 10 skulls with maybe less of them consistently used isn’t probably going to cut it for exploration content.

The Bandana skull that grants infinite ammo should be standard for all Halo games. Sometimes you just want to cut loose and play with guns that normally don’t have good ammo reserves

which is nearly all of them anymoreor don’t appear all that frequently.

I say bring back the bandana skull defiantly. Even if I cancels achievements

Take out Blindskull replace with something fun who would or has played PvP with Blindskull on in any FPS, why assume it boosts story mode. HW2 an MCC had some extra skulls. HI is open world Its probably going to have a heavier PvE side.

Agreed, honestly I don’t mind if they disable achievements or score. In fact as far as difficulty skulls are concerned, I personally can’t think of anything else to add (LASO already is hard as it is).

However, non-scoring/achievement-disabling skulls would be great in the same vein of acrophobia and some of the Halo 2A skulls in MCC. Seriously, why not? They’re fun as hell and make add great replayability value.

I agree.
I can’t really think of any new difficulty skulls, what he have is pretty expansive. I’m sure with new mechanics such as the grapple hook, there’d be opportunity to add new ones.

And I’m all for the fun stuff too. A skull that turns the environment to 50% gravity? Why the hell not!