There should be an Off Topic section.

Most forums have an Off-Topic suggestion and I don’t know why 343 doesn’t have one. I think it would be a good addition.

Waypoint is purely for Halo/Xbox discussion, not things like what you had for breakfast this morning.

You can always use Yo-Yo! which is the substitute for an off-topic discussion.

Yeah, but the problem with those type of threads is you can’t create individual topics.

> Yeah, but the problem with those type of threads is you can’t create individual topics.

You can try and bring it up and if people want to discuss it, they can, if not, then you are out of luck I’m afraid.

The Halo Waypoint forums like I said, are purely for Xbox/Halo discussion, that topic is an exception.

We already have enough trouble with Yo. If your topic can’t get a discussion in Yo, it doesn’t deserve it’s own thread, because it’d be the same people.

Yo! is used for everything at this time. It’s better, in my opinion, because I can just type whatever is on my mind besides creating a whole thread for something silly.

Yo-Yo is our off-topic thread where you can say what’s on your mind (As long as it’s in reason) and where you can just chat with the other Yo-Yo goers

the I agree waypoint does need a off-topic forum. it could help cut down on the useless posts that are in the wrong forums.

but the reason yo doesn’t work is because your topic could be easily overlooked while a big discussion is going on now say you had an individual thread, it would have more attention and you would be able to discuss your topic. now Yo doesnt have to go but it could be moved to the off topic forum. like for chatting for posts that really dont require threads.

Totally, I need another philosophical and political battlefield on the internet. lol. An off-topic section would be cool.

Instead of clamoring for an OT section, OP, you should dip your toes into the rest of Waypoint for all your glorious Halo discussion needs/wants.

Welcome to Waypoint!