There should be a new playlist for Halo CEA in halo reach

Since the remake will be using halo reach I think that in halo reach there should be a classic CE playlist where there is no armor abilities and you spawn with the AR and pistol. There are no DMRs or Needle rifles on the maps.

This will make it feel more traditional halo ce

There could be another playlist with normal halo reach with the CEA maps too.

Thats EXACTLY what they are going to do.

> Thats EXACTLY what they are going to do.

They’ve said that this is exactly what they’re doing…


Lol a little late to the part dude.

ok i didn’t know…DAM

They are even going to go the extra step of providing a TU that will give MP an extra Classic feel that isn’t possible now.

Great idea!


This is what I posted in a thread before and by the looks of the comments above, this is what they are already doing.