There’s no excuse for making Firefall more than 500 HC

Yeah, I know everyone’s probably tired of reading posts about Firefall’s price. I won’t beat around the bush with sarcasm and condescendence, though. There’s just no excuse for putting it over the minimum Halo Credit price. 343 is essentially forcing people who want the helmet to pay as much as they did for the battle pass, since there’s no HC price between 500 and 1,000. It doesn’t matter if it’s on the Legendary rarity tier. That’s an arbitrary rank 343 designed to inflate prices. This helmet should be 500 HC, maximum. It’s such a bummer that the shop price reductions we were promised actually turned out to be gouges. I wouldn’t call this markup predatory, since a lot of people misuse that word when it comes to describing the shop, but I’ll reiterate: there is no excuse for this.


I mean there’s an easy excuse, it’s just one that a lot of people don’t like. They believe at that price they strike the best balance between cost versus sale volume to maximize their profit.

If they’d made the helmet 500cr and included a helmet attachment (most of the Mark VII helmets have 1 attachment exclusive to each), I honestly wouldn’t be complaining. It’d be pricy yes, but at least you could buy it with one exact credits bundle and could even customize the helmet a bit.

700cr is too much for a single armor piece and forces you to buy a 1000cr bundle.

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Continue to not buy the store items. Low sales will continue to send a message to 343 and they’ll likely continue to adjust the store. The only way 343 will continue to listen to the fan base is if we not buy or continue to support the monetization.

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Single items shouldn’t be over 200cr tbh.