There needs to be more discussion on the art style

Allot of people prefer the old halo art style to the new one, hell, go on any halo wars 2 video and all you will see are comments praising the use of the old art style. We need more discussion on this to get 343’s attention on it. Before you pounce and try and defend the new art style there are several points that need to be addressed.

However my most important point i probably should have addressed more is if you so wish for halo to have a new art style and look you do it in a spin off game, you don’t do it to the sequel of a story were we expect a high level of consistency. By changing it in a sequel or prequel to an already established story all that will happen is a community split. Now onto my points

  1. The change was ultimately detrimental to halo.
    Weather you like the art style or not, we can all agree the change split the community in half. Alienating old fans who prefer the original look, and creating new fans who defend it constantly.

  2. The change does nothing for halo in the long run.
    What did 343 hope to achieve by doing this? Didn’t they know all this change would do is create a star wars prequels rift in the fan base of halo. You may like their new design of the covenant but in the long run all it is doing is splitting the fan base. They should have kept the original art style because not only would this rift occur, but that art style was present in every other halo that was successful. Not to say it was the sole reason why it was successful. but it was defiantly a big contributor.

  3. There is NO legal obligation to not use the original art style.
    I don’t know were this rumour first originated, probably a fan boy reaching for something to try and justify the change.

  4. “But the technology is different it needs to look different”
    Sigh. This is the worst argument i have ever seen and can be debunked easily. Technology can look more advanced without having the art style changed. Look at halo wars 1, it is set 20 years before the other halo games, the technology is a hell of a lot less advanced. But it still respects the art style. However look at the shotgun in halo 5, the architecture of the gun doesn’t even resemble anything close to past halo shotguns. Look at halo 2 anniversary, it looks a hell of a lot more realistic than halo 5, and that’s not because the graphics are any better, but the art style complements the environments and locations better.

5.“Halo needs to evolve”
There are 2 easy points to refute this.
-1. Halo can look different whilst still respecting the art style. Halo 2 anniversary is a perfect example of this.
-2. If you want to change the art style do it in a spin off game. When it comes to a squeal like halo 4 and 5 we expect consistency within the story, when you change the art style it violates that consistency, If you want to change the art style do it in a spin off with a fresh story, not the sequels of an already established story.

  1. “I like the new art style”
    That’s not an argument, it’s not backed up by facts, it doesn’t help explain why it may or may not benefit the game. So don’t bother responding if this is your point.