There may be no trailer at the VGAs

So why all the hype? 99.5% of the forum will be complaining on December 10th if there is no trailer. Just a heads up; don’t get off to easily. Just because it happened before with Bungie, doesn’t mean that 343 will follow in the same footsteps.

Who’s to say they won’t? Ill be sad if there isnt but ill still understand if they dont.

I wouldn’t mind if there wasn’t.

Umm I don’t want one. I want the speculation to build up alot, and I want us to be blown away at E3 2012

There probably will considering bs angel linked Kritical the BK’s (or whatever his name is) post with ‘possible halo 4 trailer’ or something rather to the main news wall so when people clicked it, it went to the post with that mentioned. Why would they do that if there not going to release a cinematic?

I’m not all that hyped about the vga’s, but i think a trailer would be nice, although, i won’t be disappointed if they don’t have one

There will not be a trailer unless Geoff Keighley says there will be before the awards.

That’s fine if there isn’t, but I will be kind of disappointed.

On what basis? The game comes out next year. I wouldn’t be surprised to see something.

I’m use to disappointment. So I won’t be bothered.

People are actually expecting a new trailer? It’s the VGA’s for crying out loud… half the time the hosts don’t even know their own lines.

Well, it’s not up to us if there is one or not, so I can’t really get up in arms about it too much.

But, I’m really hoping there will be one.

There was a chance that a trailer would be shown??

Damn, I was looking forwards to christmas but now I’m excited to see any potential trailer at VGA