There Is Something That People Seem To Forget About The Battle Pass

The progression is supposed to be slow.
This is not a normal Battle Pass that expires after a while, and then you lose any chance at getting the items from it again, this is a different system. The BP never expires. You’re not supposed to just unlock everything in about a month or so. You unlock as you play, not play to unlock. That’s the point.
I know people who would just grind a game for a month, get everything in a BP, then throw the game away till the next BP. I don’t think 343i wants that. They want you to play whenever you want, and unlock stuff as an added bonus. Challenges are not something that you’re supposed to focus on and finish in one game, they’re supposed to be done in multiple games. That’s why they’re called, you know, Challenges. And if you don’t like the challenge? Challenge swaps are given out for free on almost every tier.
They went with this system instead of, for example, Reach’s, which I personally prefer, because the game is free. They want to make money from the BP. Paying just $60 once won’t support their plans for a 10 years support for Halo Infinite.

The core gameplay is amazing, and I am surprised to see people just talking about optional cosmetics instead of actual gameplay. Maybe the lack of game modes? Maps? What you love/hate?

This post is just an opinion, not a fact. Whenever I say supposed, I mean what I think they meant by doing X. I am not defending or anything. You are the consumer and if you don’t like something, you should let the company that create them know. Feel free to discuss about anything in the comment, please be civil. I have had enough Reddit for today.


I agree that the battlepass system is fine, it’s actually amazing that it doesn’t expire, and it will be even better when we can pick what playlist/gamemode we want rather that just simply quick play.

What I dislike is how expensive things are in the cash shop or how it seems the fracture events will need you to complete all the challenges in each week in order to get all the tiers, so if you aren’t around for a week, you’re kinda screwed unless you pay money.

I’m not a fan of timed events or limited items, I got FOMO bad and I’d like for everything to be earnable with enough grind cause I enjoy collecting things in game, even stuff that I’ll never use, it’s just satisfying to check off that checklist.

I would honestly pay extra money or even a month sub to be assured that everything will be available to me, but I don’t want to have to spend $50 a week to get everything in the store, but I know it’s obviously not ment for people to buy out the store weekly.


I like collecting things and I dislike FOMO. Props for battlepasses not expiring, but what about everything else?


The entire point goes out the window with this little remark.
The majority of weekly challenges aren’t something you complete by just playing, as you actively need to pursue them if you want to have a higher chance of completing them, as well as only being able to progress three at a time.

In the current state, it’s 2000 matches to unlock level 100, and no weeklies involved.


I personally want to get the skins as quickly as possible and then keep playing, don’t care about doing random challenges and would rather have them unlock as I just play. 200+ hrs is pushing it for couple of skins.

I know some people stop playing after completing BP, but I find that weird.


I absolutely agree that the shop as a whole is just horrible right now. Everything is over-priced.
Events should be looked into as well, IMO. I hate missing out on stuff as well, and keeping them limited to a timed event is horrible. If they want to go with the BP’s way of not expiring, maybe events should work like that as well?

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I think the problem is the ways of earning xp are limited and slow. They also promised that progression wouldn’t be hard enough to pop your brain.

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I have seen some horrible, horrible challenges, such as the “Stop an Enemy Killing Spree in Fiesta PvP”. But there are some that could just be done by simply playing. Something like “Win Any Matches” or “Kill 5 players with the BR” could be done with just playing, and these are the majority, AFAIK.
100 levels could definitely be done in fewer than 2k matches, but I agree, some challenges are definitely horrible and need to get looked into.

Wanted to attach a link with a list of challenges, but can’t because links are not allowed. Check out Early Game for the list of challenges though.

If there was a consistent way to earn XP, even if progression were a little bit slower, and there were a few decent customization options by default, then if be fine with it. It’s not so much the progression died that bothers me in it of itself.

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I made a post about it already, but the only thing that needs to be changed in my opinion is how the Battle Pass Boosters are applied. Rather than having it locked into a stress inducing timer, apply the boost to your current set of challenges. This would also fit into their over-arching battle pass theme of “not expiring.” The FOMO quickly returns when you’re stuck on a challenge, and the timer is slowly ticking away.

Iv’e been fine with it since got something for each game, it’s not like battle pass expires, wouldn’t really want to unlock everything and then spend next few months with nothing to unlock anyway.
I mean mcc iv’e got over a million to next level and how ever many thousands per game, so with each level in Infinite being 1000, 50xp is fine to me.

343 know and working on it, so I just enjoy what we have, end of the day core gameplay is really good, wish was more game modes, just something that comes in time

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If there was more free stuff baseline, or everything decent wasn’t backloaded in the pass, I don’t think there’d be as many complaints. As it is, it feels like you need to progress a lot in it in order to get parable options to previous titles.

That and given how…obtrusive the Tenrai event is to battlepass progression if you have no interest in its items, i worry what multiple battlepasses would look like in this game. Having multiple evergreen battlepasses at once actually means we have more reason to rush to get things unlocked now.

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Of course there are easy challenges to complete by just playing, but, you have two or three things against you with that.

First and foremost, the challenge progression limit.
You may have a challenge which is easy, but it may not have been one chosen to progress on from the three chosen. Or four if you for some reason purchased premium.

Then we have their “naturality”. Sure, kill X amount with BR you’ll probably get by playing normally ( not chasing challenges ). However there are those which could be easy but you wouldn’t gravitate towards them with your normal playstyle unless you knew about the challenges. I for instance had to get 1 measly kill with a Mangler. Took me five matches with a Mangler spawn to finally get it. No I’m certainly not the best player, more towards the worst of the entire spectrum.
Putting my skill aside, if I find myself not good with a weapon, and managing better with other weapons against the weapon I’m supposed to kill with, it’s not a weapon I’ll naturally pick up and start using.

Lastly, the system at its core isn’t set up to be progressed as you play, and I seriously doubt changes they make will make it all too different in that regard.
There’s a reason they’re selling Swaps and XP boosts, and that’s because they intentionally made the progress slow and unrewarding. That’s why we have a three / four challenge progression limit, and horrible challenges, we’re more likely to feel stuck on progressing if we have to do a backflip, snap the bad guys neck and save the day, on three challenges, so that we’re more inclined to use up swaps and purchase them.

At the most, sitting down and not actively chasing challenges, I’d guess could shave of maybe 100 matches, at the most.

I’d be all for naturally progressing the battlepass, but for that we need something radically different to what we have now.

A tip for the Mangle is to wait around a corner, melee then instantly shoot the body. Kills them in an instant and gives them no time to react. But best of all, it counts toward a “mangler kill”. Also this ensures you use the mangler in it’s wheelhouse: CQC.

I don’t really have a problem withe the battlepass itself, as the other Halo games when they came out were also grindy to get armours in their own ways, but the part I personally have an issue with is how the progression is implenented with the challenges. I seriously hate how stupid specific some of them are especially when they want to try and make me play in a way that can just flat out make me frustrated instead of relaxed and having fun.

An example is I wanted the weekly armour coating this week and I finished all my challenges, a good chunk fiesta based mind you because of the event, and after doing all of them good or bad, I then get a challenge for getting 5 killing sprees in fiesta. I had a hard enough time getting one let alone 5 when that was a challenge I had. So now I have to try and keep playing a mode that I initially was enjoying but now am completely burnt out on just from trying to get the other challenges on it, to now trying to get an even harder one done. It kills the mood really quick.

If they just make the challenges a bit more generalized, doesn’t have to be completely, I think it would work out a lot better.

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A slow pass would be fine…if all the customisation wasn’t locked away deep within.

Unless you’re an idiot and have spent money on the ridiculously priced stuff in the shop, then you have so few items to change out even after 40+ hours.

100+ hours just to get a new helmet, so you can look 10% different to everyone else…yay!

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Problem with that is then if you run out of weeklies the XP boosts are useless. They could add an option for you to use either method though, if be okay with that.

The other thing is that there are almost 200 days to get to rank 100.

They should add credits to the battle pass or challenges so we have another way to earn premium currency I’m not saying every challenge or level just every now and then

So far I’ve levelled up 27 times with some strategic exp boost use when finishing weeklies and having played about 120 games. Doesn’t seem to bad, however I’ve been playing about as much as I normally would in 6 weeks lol.

All in all levelling the pass to lvl 100 seems more the doable for a casual, also guessing there probably will be an event double exp playlist occasionally.
However if this is all the content you can unlock in half a year by playing I’m not that impressed customisation wise.

Thats no different to how it is now. If you run out of weeklies, then why would you activate a booster at the present? The way i suggested ensures that if you have 4 weekly challenges when you activate a booster, then those 4 challenges are GUARANTEED to get double XP, no matter how long it takes you to complete them. Which eliminates stress.

Like i said, i already made a post on it going more in depth. I’ve already thought a lot about it.