There is pretty much nothing to earn in this game. And that’s a huge problem!

Even though it’s f2p, if there had been a system like Halo mcc etc from the start alot more players would have still played = more players, the more likely people will buy stuff.

Iv’e played mcc for years, with Infinite iv’e done passes and then gone off to play something else for a while, at least it’s coming…


While it is great that there are those who genuinely enjoy this game with XP or not, I agree with you when it comes to others. This mentality of playing something you don’t enjoy for unlocks is a sickness.

W h a t e v e r .

remember earning cqb and mp helmets in reach via the old halo waypoint…? pain, loss, halo has never been the same


I agree with your main sentiment here (I enjoy the game even when I have nothing to unlock) but you seem like you’re completely dismissing the idea of unlocking cosmetics as an important part of attracting and retaining players. Increasing the player base benefits all players regardless of whether or not they personally care about cosmetics. That seems pretty important to me.

I think its fair to say the current system isn’t doing that nearly as well as it should be and the OP brought up plenty of good suggestions to improve it.


It’s not even a gaming thing, it’s basic human psychology that unlocking things, progression and all the rest is a reason for people to stick with things.

No reward, no retainment, it’s that simple - it’s the same with hobbies, jobs and everything else, people just haven’t put one and one together yet.


Mabey instead of selling cosmetics and earnd them instead the player could work towards them

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Grinding has always been addictive and thats why most people play games. Without grinding a game will die in a couple of weeks, Halo 3 had grinding with level 1-50. I remember when they introduced seasons in Halo, then many people stopped playing because they had to start from zero again.

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Yeah I know people need that dopamine rush for, whatever reason and can’t just enjoy games for gaming’s sake anymore. That’s quite the leap you made.

I understand it but I definitely don’t respect it.

That is a problem.

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Hold on, you just said people play games for the grind. So when they reintroduce a grind, people stop playing? Your argument fights itself.

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No I said season people like to max their character or stats and when you restart the ranking people lost interest. Seasons is the problem, instead of increasing rank or stats.’

You know, I don’t think that’s true.

People are a conflicted bunch…

No rank resets eventually means overly stratified rankings so you only ever play the same players constantly (if matchmaking is too strict) or imbalanced matches will happen (if matchmaking is too loose) and people complain that either ranking up becomes impossible (therefore no dopamine hit), or they need to intentionally derank to start winning games again (which makes it impossible for those lower down to rank up). Hence people complain once they plateau.

Seasons force people to ‘re-earn’ what they feel they have already earned. It allows the dopamine hits of ranking again, but people can also become disengaged if they rank lower than they think they should be and struggle to go up. However… It can also re-engage those who ranked up previously and stopped.


I wrote this:

exactly to prevent getting answers like yours.

Let me put it differently. Let’s say I enjoy 3 games:
Game 1: I enjoy this game and it gives me a feeling I progress within the game and that I achieve something.
Game 2: I enjoy this game and it gives me a feeling I progress within the game and that I achieve something.
Game 3: I enjoy this game, but it doesn’t give me any satisfaction when it comes to progress or achievement.

I’m more inclined to play games 1 and 2. Halo Infinite is game 3. I can play 170 games of slayer in a row and I would be at exactly the same place as before I started. Playing 170 games in Destiny 2, CoD, Apex, Splitgate whatever will either give me rankups, god rolls, skins, weapon attachments, helmets, WHATEVER. But there is progression in those games.

I want Halo Infinite to be in the same spot as those games.


I hope this is true and confirmed somewhere. :smiley: A REACH like progression is absolute gold.

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I do agree that Halo 3 is better than Infinite. But Halo 3 was released 15 years ago. If it was released today I think more people would expect a better progression system with more unlocks like REACH had for example.

This is well known. There is NOTHING. Zero. All progression is tied to a boring low effort battlepass system. The parameters in place now for xp in matches are also low effort.

Bf2042 has about 10 times as much progression and things to unlock than this game. And that game started out as a broken pile of garbage.

no idea why they’ve gone this route for halo infinite, but it sucks, and notoriously boring and not worth the gamers time. There’s nothing to unlock, nothing to do, and nothing to get better at, or work for, and the drip feed of maps is atrocious. It’s not fun.

The player is not rewarded enough for playing and putting time in the game. The career tied progression system is a great start. It SHOULDVE BEEN HERE months ago. Several months ago. It also needs to reward players for winning, getting ribbons, medals, and taking objectives, securing kills. Ect ect. If it doesn’t do this, it’s a fail.


Over all i think it’s great that people play more than 1 game. Imagine or stale a game would get if someone limited themselves to only 1 game? Personally I shift between Game1 and Game 3.

An example for Game one: the MP game I play the most is Destiny PvE. Every season/expansion there is new gear to earn and play with. “ooh new weapon with new perks, let me play with it see if its good” “Oooo new exotic armor, i hope its not something that will just take up space in my vault.” These items are fun to chase after. On the flip side, the grind of leveling each season to be able to run the same 5 year old GM’s is a grueling process that eventually leads to me burning out and staying away from the game for at least two seasons.

And that’s when I will switch to something like Game 3: A MP game like MCC is perfect. While yes there is a progressions system there i do not pay attention to it because, unlike destiny, all the unlocks are purely cosmetic. Which allows the game to remain consistently static in it’s MP and SP. Halo 3 still plays the same in 2022 as it did in 2007 and it will play the same in 2040. Unlike COD of BF, being a higher level or lower level does not impact the game by giving you better loadouts than others. Easy game to pick up and play at any time.
Other types of games that fit into this category would be SP games like God of War, Plague Tale, and so on and on.

In both Game 1 and Game 3 I feel like i have achieved something. Could also be something epic like getting the Touch of Malice or Vex Mythoclast from a raid boss. Could be something as simple as splattering three fully packed warthogs in a row with a chopper or tricking a POS armored guard, that set me back to the same check point eight times, to be eaten by rats. In conclusion, a sense of accomplishment or achievement is not exclusively tied to a progression or unlock system, it’s rather dependent on moment to moment.

At least for me.

With that said, i think what KcDodger and others were talking about is the player base that are playing Game 4: I don’t enjoy this game but it gives me a feeling that i progress within the game and that i achieve something. If i’m wrong about what she meant than she can let me know

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I don’t care about grind. I don’t care about forge. That’s not why I play games.

I play games for the gameplay. Any unlockable cosmetics are nice and can add to the game, but essentially the game needs to play well.

Currently, this game still plays like crap.