There is One Glaring Thing Missing

It may not seem like much to most people, but I always liked to see what tool of destruction people have at the end of all the games.

It’s a small matter, but I have always liked seeing it ever since I started playing Halo almost 2 decades ago at this point. It’s a good way to see when people are good shots and when they’re just melee campers, etc.


Conspiracy nuts have told me it’s cause the AR/SideKick is op and 343i doesn’t want anyone to see haha.

I miss the feature also.

Said I don’t think it shows who are good shots and who are melee campers.
I will get way more melee kills on the move than camping hell people out there who can charge from the front ant consistently ninja you.

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The AR actually got a stealth nerf I heard. The Sidekick isn’t OP as much as it’s just annoying as heck because the best way to use it is to spam it as fast as you can without even aiming

Seeing that I die every few seconds, chances are I finish all matches with the starter weapon(s). :sweat_smile:

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Ah no boo.
The AR is Fine as is just has a lower floor than most weapons and is actually a decent weapon.
People just want a br dominant sandbox again for nostalgia and because change is scary. Let the AR be good 343i its far more intuitive to new players and is actually a nice mix up. BR in old halos is king but having it be more defined at mid long is great.
The commando im still learning think its nerf was a bad idea personally but I’m still adjusting.
The needler needs a buff big time though.

yeah needler is trassssh right now

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There is actually quite a lot missing from the carnage reports in my opinion and I was expecting a step up from H5 (which was already good and even got an improvement from the waypoint app).

As you said the tool of destruction would be nice and for me I’m mostly missing the “most killed (by)” statistic. Some matches you have a brawl within a brawl, especially playing customs with the boys

Try using it at the same range as the bulldog. It’s an SMG apparently, and using it at that range seems to melt things.