There is no point in playing this game if settings keep resetting every single time you log in!

I had a blast playing the first day. Played a lot of matches in the new playlist and was really enjoying it.

But the second day I noticed all my settings were back to default. FOV, sound, enemy names, outline colors, HUD, video settings, weapon offsets, et cetera. Everything was back to default with the only exception being my controller settings. I took 30+ minutes trying to reset everything back to how it was.

Then later on the same day I login again and AGAIN everything is set back to default. There is no point in playing this game until this bug is fixed.

Come on 343, FIX THIS!


Do they really? Where does it state that?

It doesn’t state it anywhere, but you notice quickly when the players are different colours, and your FOV is the default, and the ping isn’t displayed, you can’t talk to anyone, etc.

I’m really glad it’s not resetting the controller stuff, but it is annoying. I’m getting good at resetting this stuff quickly.


The #HaloInfinite team is investigating the following issues: increases in reports of performance issues and crashes in both gameplay and the Armor Hall menus, colors on Nameplates and Emblems now appearing differently, some menus not loading, and Settings being reset.

It’s very annoying as it takes a while to reset FOV for each weapon type and regional search, player colours, etc.

Should be patched next week I think.


Fix it 343 ASAP… Happen everytime you close the game, and because the ciinematics. You skip it and your settings reset.


I watched the cinematic three times thinking I progressed or there were more.

Quick resume seems to be working on the xbox where before using quick resume would end up with the player not being able to connect to a server.

Now that quick resume is functioning the game doesn’t restart so my settings are not resetting.

I know it’s not a fix that we want but at least it helps until the patch comes into play.


My setting only reset the first time. So I guess I’ve been lucky. I’d imagine it’s one of the highest priorities for the patch, so fingers crossed.

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I did a ticket about it 1st day after s3 came out, yeah it’s frustrating having to re-do all the settings every time I start the game, but 343 know and hopefully patch this coming week will fix it as pretty high priority long with frame rate issues, crashes etc that people have brought up. I can let a week of doing it pass by, doesn’t take long to re-do them

Even though it should of been tested better, maybe season flights should become a thing with trustworthy people who won’t leak stuff, although I know it takes a lot to do flights, maybe it’s a better way forward than a community in uproar over broken things.


This is the fourth day my video and other settings reset after I switched off my xbox. Will there be a fix?

Another issue I have is that after every new start of the game it wants to show the trailers for season 3.


Had this happen to me just now, but it wasnt the specific controller settings. FOV, player outlines, etc only. Had to change it all back.

Felt off for a few games afterwards :frowning: Sucks

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It happens to me as well on my Xbox Series S. 343 HELP!


the fix is coming in a couple weeks, the update today wont be fixing it.

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I’m not having this issue on PC but for you Series S|X users, have you tired not quitting the game and leaving it in your quick resume queue?

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Patch did nothing. Good job 343


Same thing here on PC. It’s fine on my Xbox. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

I play on Xbox series s and it resets at least 50% of the times. I stopped playing. I’ll wait till it’s fixed.

But that means you need to leave your xbox on 24/7, right? Or not?

Not at all. You don’t close the game when you turn it off. Next time it will resume from the screen you were on.

This never worked in the past because the connection to servers would never be re-established but apparently that issue got fixed in Season 3.

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The latest update has honestly just made things worse. My frame rate might be back to near 120 but the resolution is now well under 1080p. Seriously it looks like a Xbox 360 game and I’m on Series X. More of my setting are getting reset. Previously it was limited to the video and gameplay tabs. Now my accessibility setting are getting reset as well. None of the other improvements are of any use to me but hopefully they have helped others out.

I was really hoping Season 3 would be the start of good things but it’s been a complete hatchet job and honestly I wish they would roll things back to the Winter Update. It’s just another chance to generate some good will and excitement that has been completely wasted.

Edit: If I turn the target frame rate down to 60 it’s actually the same low resolution but stutters like all hell. Probably not even holding 30fps. Also Spartans now glow slightly during the intro scenes…

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