There is no incentive to play Halo 4 to me

Please don’t ban me from the forums again for offering some logic to 343i

There a lot of small problems with Halo 4, but overall I wouldn’t call it a complete failure.

I just don’t feel like there’s any incentive to play. Why can’t they bring 1-50 into the game and not just on waypoint? It makes no sense. If you are going to do something, do it right. Sure, putting ranks on waypoint discourages cheating and bragging, but what then is the point of having a rank if you can’t even see it? The whole point of having a rank is to compare your skill to the skill of other players, and you cannot do that if you can’t see their rank!

I understand that 343i probably makes most of their money off of “casual” players, but having social and ranked playlists makes everyone happy, I don’t see the disadvantage of this.

Next, where the hell is team doubles? One of the top playlists of Halo 3 and it’s nowhere to be found, yet we have flood, regicide, SWAT, CTF, Oddball, Extraction? Every single one of these was less popular than team doubles in previous Halo games.

I just hope 1-50 comes back and is viewable, because xp doesn’t mean crap to me, all it shows is that you play a lot. There is no motivation to win anymore because everyone gets xp, nobody uses mics or teamwork, and it’s because there no incentive to win.

And for those who say the incentive to play Halo 4 is to have fun, well to me competing for a rank is what makes Halo 4 fun because winning and getting better at the game actually means a little something.

Having a 1-50 rank in the game would help instill a sense of motivation and incentive into the game. There might not be any incentive to actually do anything whilst in combat except stay put and rack up ordinance drops but at least a 1-50 rank would give us something to actually focus on.

Focus. That’s something that H4 badly needs. Something to focus on.

I completely agree.

I played A LOT of Halo 3, and I’ll tell you right now if all Halo 3 had was social playlists I would have never got into Halo 3 and I would not own Halo 4 right now.

Actually SWAT has been a very popular playlist in the past. Within Halo 4 it’s always in the top 3.

But 343 is trying to resemble Reach b/c Halo 4 and Reach relied solely on XP ranking. With no skill ranking system this is all you get but Halo 4 blows compared to Reach. I was one of the first Inheritors in Reach and it took FOREVER to get there. In Halo 4 we saw level 130s three week after the release. I made it within 5 without any double XP, fast-tracking, etc. When you attach XP to ranks, specializations, commendations, challenges, etc. and allow players to max out so quickly then it sucks once you get there.

I know some flavor of skill ranking is coming but based on the strategic decisions 343 has made so far with Halo 4 it will have the appeal of a fart in a movie theater.