There is an issue w/ Halo 5 Guardians server error

Since 5pm I’ve constantly tried to search for a multiplayer game from co-op to arena and war zone. I cant even get into the lobby, it just comes up saying 'There is an issue with the Halo 5: Guardians server. I am still online, my internet is fine and yes I have turned everything on and off multiple times. Anyone had the same issue today?

ive been having those issues.

I’m on xb1 but as far as i know no servers are down

i hard restarted my xbox and it worked

having the same issue. i tried a a hard restart and its still not working

I’m also having this issue, internet is working fine and I’ve restarted the console multiple times. Same error message each time. Started to lag real bad last night when I was playing warzone so I stopped playing and this morning it’s not working at all.