There can't be an imbalance of maps

This is one of the only things I’ll still defend about Halo 4 besides Spartan Ops.

Look here, if you haven’t watched it already.

Castle Map Pack - Outcast Walkthrough

Halo 4 has had three map packs


Crimson was easily the worst map pack in my opinion. Even though Harvest was one of the only good ones and coule be used for a medium sized, 4v4, 5v5 map. But it was primarly a BTB map pack.

Majestic gave us 3 4v4 maps which play out greatly, props to CA. They are very well though out and great for competitive play,

Castle brings outs 3 more BTB maps but all except tailored for BTB Objective according to what people have been saying. Exile aka the most annoying map in Halo 4, can now be the least most voted for.

Point being, there can’t be an imbalance of msps. BTB Objective can also be made to be competitive, Hemmorhage the successor version of Halo CE’s Blood Gulch was competitive and thus provided intense matches when I played Reach. 4v4 maps shipped with Halo 4 along with some of the Forge maps, Settler for example which is the closest thing to be able to forge another Blood Gluch with, without having to erase everything. The Forge maps that have come out are also competitive, therefore add to the mix of 4v4 mnaps. So heres how the current balance is


Harvest (can be used)
Ragnarok(can be used)

Ragnarok (can be used)
Harvest (can be used)
Complex (should be an 8v8 map)
The 3 Castle maps

So altogether we have now 12 4v4 maps including Complex since it is considered a 4v4 map. Then we have 11 8v8 maps if Complex is ever made to be an 8v8. So by the time Castle launches there will be a possible balance of maps, unless more Forge maps get implemented. Also take in mind BTB is the most played playlist right now, the BTB community is about as large as the Arena 4v4 community and from the looks of Halo 4 possibly larger. So why have more 4v4 maps then 8v8 maps? You can’t only cater to one playlist community, they all have to be catered too. There was an imbalanced starting out, but now theres not. This is what has to be kept going.

People keep saying the Crimson Map Pack was the absolute worst and also that BigTIS players should be happy with Crimson as the only new big maps they will ever see.

When 4v4 players get new small maps, Big Team players are usually happy for them. The reverse does not seem to be true. Personally I think they should release more of the small Community Test maps into regular playlist circulation.

DLC doesnt really work anyhow, never turn up in main playlist.

Infinity Slayer (which is the main 4v4 playlist) has only 4 maps in rotation

  • Haven
  • Abandon
  • Adrift
  • Solace

No matter how I count it Infinity BTB has way more maps even if you don’t include the DLC maps.

Did you really just call Harvest and Ragnarok a 4v4 map? It does not play well at all as a 4v4 map.

> DLC doesnt really work anyhow, never turn up in main playlist.

I regularly get maps from both the Crimson and Majestic map packs whenever I play. Usually at least 1 map shows up as a voting option every other game. And they get voted for about 70% of the time.

Don’t forget Forge maps, there are more of those designed for 2v2, 4v4, and 5v5 than BTB.

Ragnarok listed as a 4v4 map. Im so done.

BTW you listed like 3 forge maps in the 4v4 column too.

There are a total of 7on game 4v4 maps. Abandon, Adrift, Haven, Solace, Skyline, Monolith, Landfall. No, Complex doesn’t count. Neither does Harvest. Since Skyline, Monolith, and Landfall never come up in infinity slayer, you essentially have a 4 map rotation, which renders the playlist pretty unplayable.