There are only 4 problem weapons, and they mostly aren't that bad

These are the 4 weapons, and my problems with them:

  1. Commando
    It’s just too unreliable compared to the BR, you have to tap-fire it like it’s a DMR but then you lose the TTK advantage, and at a far range you have to fire incredibly slow to actually land on-target consistently. Meanwhile the BR can perfect people cross-map easily, with the exact same TTK at any range and being hip-fireable with no downsides. Either the BR needs a recoil increase, or the Commando needs a bloom reduction. What’s the point in making it automatic if it misses all of your shots for you?

  2. Plasma Pistol
    It simply lacks a purpose against players who… move. The tracking isn’t good enough to justify the loss in EMP capabilities, and I’d much rather have a mangler for the one case where the charge is actually useful, which is at point-blank. I don’t think it should be made more powerful, exactly, but give it something fun to do so it can fill a niche again. I’d suggest high knockback in a radius, so you can use it to shoo people away from objectives, to deliver power items to you, and to knock people off cliffs or into open areas so your allies can take care of them. Also make the charge shot charge a bit faster, you basically have to walk around with it always charged to get any use out of it, which wastes pretty much all of it’s ammo.

  3. Ravager
    Need I really spell it out? It simply does no damage. It takes an inane ammount of shots to both break shields and kill the unshielded, and the charge shot might be okay if the projectile itself did better damage or it didn’t take at least a quarter of your ammo every time. Pretty awful weapon.

  4. Mangler
    This is the only gun I’d say is actually too strong overall. The range, speed, and power of this weapon is insane for a pistol and I regularly find myself getting tripples at both close and far range. It combos well with the sidekick, allows for 1-tap melee combos, and is an amazing tool for finishing people off at a range. I’d recommend just slightly lowering the damage so it still kills in 4 shots, but can’t 1-tap melee. Also don’t allow it to replace or be replaced by the plasma pistol and disruptor, these are obviously not comparable weapons in the slightest. It does have a slower projectile speed, but it’s not nearly slow enough to matter in most situations.

What do you guys think of these weapons? Do they actually have hidden upsides (or downsides) I didn’t mention, or did I nail my assessment?

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While these weapons aren’t well balanced, they’re not nearly as bad as, say, the halo 2 and 3 pistol. At least they can do something (except the ravager lol)

you forgot the AR being the best weapon for any engagement. Even can take on the BR at mid to long range.


Ravager works well defending a choke point. If that is it’s intended niche, than it’s fine. If it was meant to be another run and gun plasma weapon then yeah, it could use a buff.

And don’t touch my mangler.

mangler is just an upgraded mauler. dunno why it even in the game

it doesn’t even hold chokes very well because the charge time necessitates too much forethought. You can’t threaten an area with the ravager, and someone trying to pass through the choke just has to wait out the fire, or rush through before you have the chance to charge it up. They should let you hold charge indefinitely if they want it to be used like that, otherwise you’re stuck with an empty weapon after using it twice.

people keep saying that but the mauler was a shotgun, the two weapons aren’t anything alike. If anything the mauler is much more similar to the bulldog: shotgun with a drum magazine and lower damage

Plasma carbine is my nemesis

i actually found that the ravager is probably for setting grenades of early, thought I never tested this formally

the AR’s bloom prevents that from being the case, the weapon simply becomes too unreliable with sustained fire, and closing the gap and finishing with a melee becomes a must when facing weapons with decent TTKs

I don’t know what you mean by this. It has no special interaction with grenades, at least not that any other weapon doesn’t also have. Even if the fire causes grenades to detonate inside of it, that’s far too niche of a gimmick to justify the total lack of lethality.

oh its bad, I won’t argue, just a funny thing that if true, is cool
it needs to do more damage I say

i think the bulldog should be a real shotgun reduce it’s mag and give it one hit kills at very close range

it’s also good for area denial.

It’s really not. A decently lethal weapon is 10x better for area denial just by virtue of being deadly, the few seconds of fire that costs 1/4th of your magazine doesn’t ‘deny an area’ any better than throwing a single plasma grenade or camping a sightline does, but it takes up a weapon slot with something that just doesn’t kill things.

The ravager is a good AOE support weapon for objectives, but that’s it. It’s good for multiple targets in one expected place. The ticks prevent scoping while in the fire, putting them at a disadvantage at a distance, making them easy for cleanup with a better weapon and teammates.

But it’s effectively useless.

Mangler has been awesome in HCS open bracket. Some really clutch plays, I’d hate to see it get nerfed ha.

If not nerfed, then at least not lumped in with the pistols. if anything it’s more of a DMR like the Stalker Rifle

In my opinion that one is a poorly thought out weapon. It feels like it should be a seeking precision weapon like a Covenant BR, but travels incredibly slowly and tracks for the body. I can’t get a grasp on what the hell it is supposed to be used for.

I say leave the Bulldog as it’s a great area control shotgun but also give us back the hard hitting bull true monster that is the M45.