There are no "Perks"

According to this quote here.

[Quote About Perks]

Hopefully “soon” is within a week or two.

Sounds good

> Sounds good

> > Sounds good

> > > Sounds good

Somebody please sticky this!!!

so they’re not called “perks” who cares, it’s all the same -Yoink-.

> Somebody please sticky this!!!

Betcha cant stick(y) it.

> Sounds good

I’ll conform to the quoting trend.

He says that there ARE perks, just not has that guy described them.

The fact that he put it in quotes, implying there is indeed something like it yet not exactly what people are envisioning, is still disturbing.

> so they’re not called “perks” who cares, it’s all the same Yoink!.

“There aren’t “perks” in the game as being described here”
“There aren’t “perks” in the game”
"There aren’t “perks”’

Not only are they not called perks, but what was described isn.t even in the game. So it’s not the same Yoink!

> Sounds good

Well, at least this is something.

This eases my worry-meter a little. It’s good to hear him say that our current speculation about perks is wrong.

And “classic Halo”…

Music to my ears.

I can relax a little now.

> Sounds good

Can’t wait to see what this guy means.

His post was really not comforting at all. All it does is make me think that there is something perk-like but not exactly the same as perks waiting to be revealed.

> > > > Sounds good

The stuff they show us in the next coming week better end the talk of halo becoming cod…

Does this mean that people can stop crying about “343 RUINED HALO 4 BY MAKING IT COD” now?