There are a few things that have to be in forge.

This is a list of things that have to be in forge ASAP:

-Mines (Why wasn’t this in when Forge launched?)
-Prebuilt buildings
-“skybox” items (simple blocks, simple trees, basically a bunch of low-poly objects for making a forge map look more detailed without murdering the lightmap)
-dead bodies (spartans, covenant, broken vehicles, etc.)
-CCTV (camera props linked to monitors to show on said monitor what the camera sees - linked via channels, like alpha, bravo, etc.)
-Group sharing/uploading (Maybe you put an awesome group object in one forge map, and want to put it into another forge map.)
-More technology (Laptops, ‘servers’, Xbox Ones?)
-Tin cup (because it is cool and i like it.)
-Toggle scripting (I was trying to make a map with moving cars on it. So many times the car just zoomed away and despawned, causing me to lose the scripts.)
-Signs (not just STOP, YIELD, etc.but things like “GHV Furniture” and other signs)
-Text Boxes (Seriously, this has to be implemented. I place a “Custom Test” object, and the Xbox ‘keyboard’ pops up. I type something, like “Turtles”, and a decal appears saying “Turtles” in Helvetica font. C’mon, 343. You didn’t even give us the full alphabet!)
-Furniture (I saw a map that has couches, chairs, beds made of basic blocks, and it looked silly.)
-More vehicles! (Trains, “Classic [aka contemporary] vehicles”, trucks, box-vans, etc. Seeing the same car gets repetitive and distracting.)
-Troop warthog, aka “Troophog” (I made a post about this before. I want a warthog that can carry four spartans. One Driver, One shotgun, Two in back; but instead of previous troophogs, I want the back seats facing backwards, like the Subaru BRAT.

This is all I heard about things that the playerbase complained about not having.