There An Official Explanation of CRS Weights?

Has 343 given an official explanation of how CRS evaluations are made within games that track individual performance? Is it the raw game score? Are deaths included? If so, how much?

A rank system is used to allow MM to give us more competitive matches, but since players know it’s in place, it also gives interested players incentives to behave in various ways. For example, if it is based on our score at the end of a match then deaths don’t count, so players would be given a strong incentive to not mind deaths if they want to achieve the highest rank possible. But to ignore the importance of deaths would be bad for a player’s team’s chances of winning, so it would produce conflicting incentives. Consider a player getting 15 kills and 5 deaths and one getting 16 kills and 25 deaths. One player did far more to help his team win than the other, but if deaths are ignored, then the ranking system would award inaccurate ranks, which would be bad for competitive play, and would give players an incentive to play poorly.

I’ve searched all over the place and have not been able to find anything that explains more than the original announcement.

My understanding is that some playlists are team-ranked (W/L determines CSR effects) and some playlists are individually-ranked (individual score determines CSR effects). Beyond that, though, I’m not sure.

I’m going to move this thread to the Matchmaking section. Might stay alive longer in there.

Thank you for moving it. I think CSR has a significant effect on the quality of play in MM so I hope this will be cleared up. If the details are out there, I hope I can find them. If they’re not, then I hope 343 will spell them out so that we can all benefit.

They explained it all last month in this Halo Bulletin. I guess nobody read it because everyone is still asking about CSR.

This CSR is a great idea but it is a crappy execution. Why would you base this on a players individual score and not their k/d or even ka/d i understand the team based CSR but this individual CSR just sucks especially when we are being thrown into a match randomly thats either half way over or close to ending that gives no chance to do anything not only that but why in the hell would an individual CSR go down when the players score is the highest in the match none of this makes sense and its frustrating to us that actually enjoy playing this game so PLEASE DO SOMETHING TO FIX THIS SYSTEM!!!