Theory on the Noncommittal Name

Rather than announce Halo 5 today, 343 and Microsoft chose to announce a vague title devoid of detail. With fans already speculating about Master Chief’s next adventure, it seems odd that they avoided giving the title, especially when the armour and Cortana chip dispel any notions of these being historical events.

It is my belief that Microsoft and 343 are currently mulling over a bold choice for the next generation, but remain wary of its possible impact.

There are two choices: Halo 5, or a title lacking a numeral.

As a result they have kept the name a secret until they can reach a final decision. Halo is an enormous franchise, but to new console buyers, they may never have played Halo, and may not know much about the series. Therefore, these new people may be less inclined to buy a title where they have missed the four previous games; however, were Microsoft to change the title, it could be less intimidating to newcomers, and Microsoft could procure more fans to the series.

I doubt this title is an expansion, off-shoot or anything else, other than the next flagship entry in the series.

Anyways, what do people think? Is my theory accurate? If you accept my premise, which name is more fitting?

Update: Phil Spencer on Halo X1 Name

Or…it’s Halo 5.

Its stupid to not call it halo 5

your only going to confuse more people by just calling it halo

although this is the same company that thought xbox one was a good name soooooooooo

> Or…it’s Halo 5.

I said that was possibility.

I thought it might have been because if they said “Halo 5” the community would cry about it being to early. So instead they just said “Halo” and well…its no different LOL

This lends new credence to the theory:

Phil Spencer on Halo Xbox One Name

I wonder if they’re considering doing a complete name change to start fresh on the new console? (I.E. ‘JOURNEY’ or something)