Theoretical DLC Limit

Hi there, don’t think I’ve posted here before but I’m currently transitioning from the forums over to here and had a question relating to both Reach and CEA. I’ll briefly explain it in case people aren’t familiar with it.

When the latest map pack was released for Reach, many people had a problem in that some people had a Bungie pro subscription, Legendary DLC and now the 2 map packs. This caused the newest map pack to not be accessible which turned out to be the cause of a limit of only 3 DLC packs being allowed to exist and accessed for one game. The solution for this was for people to basically forego the B Pro or Legendary content to be able to play the new maps.

Now since CEA will be coming with the 7 map pack, will this cause an issue for people currently using their 3 DLC slots? Or has this problem been solved since. I feel that it’s an issue that could affect players who’d got Legendary edition and up and already have 2 map packs. Any help or answers would be appreciated.


I believe deleting Bungie Pro confirmation (Which had no negative impact at all.) fixed it entirely.

If it didn’t, the TU will surely fix it.

Yeh I was just wondering as it’s now down to 3 DLC’s that actually add to the game, and if it hadn’t been fixed it would mean sacrificing one for the new DLC theoretically. But indeed, hopefully it’s something the TU will fix :slight_smile: