Thel Vadam

Okay, i keep going around the forums and i keep seeing lots of topics about why people hate the game and so on, like because it doesn’t have ‘The spark’ That the others did, and so on.
One of the main issues with Multiplayer is the fact that you can’t be an Elite, So while we are waiting for the next Halo to come out, why not speculate a little? after all if they have just started work on Halo 5, they could add things from past games, like, oh i don’t know, the arbiter? It would be a great opportunity to bring back the Elites to matchmaking, and Thel could play a pivotal role in the story arch, like him Going after Jul’ Madama, and so on.

Whilst this doesn’t solve the problems some fans need fixing for the future titles, i think adding The arbiter back to the story would be Perfect, after all, some people that liked Elites did so because Of the arbiter, and bringing him back, not necessarily to fight humans, but the didact would be a fantastic addition to the trilogy, adding a little bit more of the spark that die hard fans really want.