Theatres Broken

Start off saying this is an amazing Halo and (besides lack of skill jumps on ranked maps) this is my only complaint.

The first problem, and biggest, is that bookmarked files are lost after reloading the game. I’ve looked around and this doesn’t always seem to be the case, but for a lot of us, we can’t watch what we saved.

Second problem is that theatre loads in on a random person. This wouldn’t be an issue if, when I tabbed to my spartan, i didn’t hear the original player’s gameplay the entire time. Or see everything as they see it. I recorded a vid in theatre last night and theatre loaded on an enemy. Well, in the vid, I’m hearing that original player getting double kills, picking up weapons, etc while i’m also hearing my own AI. I’m also seeing strongholds as opposed when my team is scoring.

And finally, I miss the theatre of old where your game is recorded and saved locally. Watching gameplay in H5 or Splitgate and seeing my reticle two feet to the left of the enemy, landing shots, knowing in game I was dead on, is annoying. Infinite’s theatre is the same. In H3/H4 I watched my gameplay to assess how I move, why I die so much, and what kind of situations throw my shot off. This can still be attained by watching hitmarkers, but it helps to know how much I’m off the mark and how often in say, close quarters.

There’s my one gripe for the game :smiley:

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100% Agree. I logged on to report this issue and quickly realized there was already a thread for this.

I very much dislike having theatre load on a random player and hearing their gameplay and seeing their UI the entire game. Theatre should ALWAYS load in from the players POV.

On the plus side finally having a timeline is a nice touch. If I want to get an overkill for example, I can jump right to it without having to skim through the entire film to find it.

I saved my videos as Bookmark but now come to realize that the bookmarked videos are no longer available!!! It has a warning sign with the video and does not have the ability to play! What is this? I saved so many game videos because on Xbox Series X at 4k and 120fps Xbox Game capture does not work properly so my goal was to save the film in game and then later change my resolution to 1080 at 60fps to capture video but now just noticed I lost all my videos.

There’s several problems with the theater, at least on Series X. First of all, I can only watch 1 game at a time, if I want to replay a second game, I have to restart the game first because it always says something like “your privacy settings don’t allow this.” So the theater only works on the first game I load up to watch. This happens with 100% frequency

The next problem doesn’t happen too much, but it has happened several times for me. Sometimes during watching a theater match, the game audio gets broken and the only sound I can hear is my own gunfire. That audio breaking like that continues on even after I leave the Theater mode, and stays with me in whatever other game mode I load up. Only way to fix it is by restarting the game again.

It also sometimes switching my view to a different player without me telling to do that.

The scoreboard is always messed up, in multiple ways. It’s really obvious by playing a match, then go watch that game playback in the theater. The “match results” option you can see without actually loading the replay up has several issues including not showing player names, getting score and teams wrong, and the theater mode doesn’t actually have an option to pull up the current scoreboard at any time during the match playback.