Please fix theatre. Every time I go to rewatch games not just is the crosshair off but things happen in theatre that never even happened in game. This should have been fixed a long time ago.

Theater is simply broken in Halo 5. It doesn’t work as intended and never will. It’s ok for decent playback, but never use it as a reliability indicator. It’s terrible. There’s a ton of issues that plague Theater such as:

-Playback speed of the engine is at like 90% normal game speed but sounds are unaffected.
-JIP into games makes Theater think you aren’t part of any team and thus:
-Enemy team players appearing as if they are part of your team.
-Enemies “sliding” around with no animations, because the game didn’t load their weapon properly. (No weapon players have no animations).
-Game randomly switching to another player while still utilizing YOUR movement data (looks funny).

Hopefully Halo 6 makes it actually viable to use.