Theatre mode: will it be an extended fature of Forge?

When will we get a compilation of our greatest moments in a season that is automatically compiles based how quick a succession of kills are made, if a rare medal is achieved and all the other data obtainable from theatre mode?

The theatre mode is great for recapping those “in the zone” moments and with forge coming out, it’ll be even better to create YouTube content and videos, but the UI is not being used enough to give reliable feedback.

Some of the intuitive ways in which to move around in free camera mode are just not there. Will we get camera scripting options in forge? When will we be able to bookmark good games we’ve had, or even cut down the full length of a good game to a highlight reel we can save?

There’s so much potential in theatre mode…

Example of the random “good bits” that could easily be condensed into monthly clips or even a Season Summary of the best moments of your season: