Theatre is nails on a chalkboard to operate

Halo Infinite currently has the worst theater mode in the series, despite having a ton more features than previous theater modes. The announcer is so off sync that he is announcing medals that have already happened or will happen before the film reaches that point.

The camera is still not as good as Halo 3’s, where you got a clear view of your Spartan (or Elite) and controls were simple. Keeping track of your player avatar is more frustrating than ever before, and I cannot hide the UI without losing my reticule crosshairs. Anyone have any tips?

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Git gud.

Only joking, I thought it was me just being a lemon. Not a frequent theatre user, but went in the other day to capture a clip and it felt completely alien to me. The past theatre incarnations were far more intuitive.

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Having made a couple clips, the Theater likes to always start a recorded game with a player that isn’t me, and is often the other team. When I do switch to my character, a lot of the time he’ll have the enemy-designated outline (red). A potential fix I found for that was to cycle the camera feed while on my character (third, free, and then back to first) in order to get him back to the Ally outline.

Still run into other bugs though. AI that aren’t mine will make comments about players who are doing something else at the same time (picking up weapons or hijacking) and that goes the same with the announcer announcing killstreaks of someone else when I’m focused on my character.

Once I was watching myself driving a Brute Chopper but it had the crosshairs and fired like an AR.

A real pain in the butt to deal with.