Theaters "Slow motion"

this really isnt a big deal but i thought it would be neat if the new theater in halo 4, when slowing down a video, actually ran smooth and crisp instead of skipping frames. for a video example

and again, its not really a big deal if it doesnt happen, just a neat thing if they did tho

You know imagining it in my head, this would actually be really cool to see. So much that I’m smiling.

But even though, I’d wonder how it would be technologically possible.

Call of Duty Black ops has the best theatre in terms of what you can achieve as an end result. It’s just a shame it has terrible camera control.

If they took halo’s camera control and added CoD features like cut&paste different clips, allowing recording While still having control of replay speed ect, Halo’s theatre could allow some really good montage moments and just an overall better experience.

Saying that, Xbox disks only have so much space and I guess cod could get these cool features cause they didn’t add much to gameplay. In halo 4 I’d rather see better gameplay than a good theatre.