I dont know who else is frustrated with me about the fact that Halo 4 only allows you to download other people’s file share, but does not allow friends to join you in your theater lobby, the way that halo 3 used to let you do this. I MISS BEING ABLE to go STRAIGHT to THEATER MODE WITH my party, after a game of matchmaking, to show them the amazing running riot or overkill that i just got…anybody agree they should fix this on halo 4? and anyone knoe IF they will?? WHO’S WITH ME!?? COMMENT PLEASE!!

You couldn’t do this in Reach either. I’m thinking it has something to do with rendering all of the lighting and such. Include the netcode in that and you’ve got yourself a huge mess.

The 360 can hardly handle splitscreen and can’t handle rendering theater stuff for Campaign or SpOps so I doubt party theater will return in Halo 4.

Halo 3 was much less graphically intensive than Reach and 4, so that’s probably why it worked back then.

Depending on specs for the neXtBox, it MIGHT work in Halo 5, but that is still almost 2 years out.