Theater secluded to War Games?

The title compresses my question folks.

In my part, theater only works for war games and not Spartan Ops or Campaign, I ask if its a bug with my copy or is it a general issue that needs to be fixed via update?

I like taking pretty pictures of me killing -Yoink- :smiley:

…and the last horse finally crosses the finish line.

From what I understand, there is some rendering issue with theater mode in Campaign and SpOps, so they took it out. I think that it causes a bunch of lag…the framerate is terrible or something along those lines.

I’m pretty sure they are working on a fix, but I can’t really remember where I saw that, so idk.

Kind of a bummer, sure, but I mean…whatever. Not the end of the world

I really hope they fix it. I greatly enjoyed taking screenshots of campaign, and would like to do so with Spartan Ops too.