Theater not working correctly?

So I’m trying to film a machinima in Halo 5 but I can’t get theater mode to cooperate. I film a scene in custom games but it’s not there when I check theater, which is odd because previous custom games are in there. Restarting the game or my console doesn’t fix anything. There’s also the option to play a clip that looks like it should be the right one because the date is correct but then a random video plays instead.

I should also add that these custom games are on the new forge map Glacier, if that has anything to do with it.

If anyone could help it would be extremely helpful as I’m on a bit of a time constraint to finish before Christmas.

My Theater Mode doesn’t work. Period.

Theater is notoriously buggy. They fixed it a bit with the December update, but it’s still a mess. From what I’ve heard, forged custom maps regardless of the base map used will not show up in theater, even when done in a custom game after finishing with forge. Haven’t tried it myself though so I can’t confirm. What I will say though is that you can use the new Machinima controls available in custom games which in my opinion will be far easier than acting out scenes then recording them later in theater. Give those a shot.