Theater Mode Unreal timing

I recently bought a device to record my game play, but I usually don’t bother recording until I know I get a decent game in, and I would like to record it in theater mode. Although I notice is that when you watch yourself in theater mode the aim is off.

you will get the head shot kill you did in the match but when you watch it in theater it shows you missing all the shots and still getting the kill.

I just think its weird to have a 10 minute match where the aiming isn’t accurate, has anyone else notice this bug?

Yeah. This is a side effect of how Halo 5’s Theater and spectator mode work. All games are synced to a server and any one can view it with a 45 seconds to a minute delay.

After the game ends, it looks like the game just saves the spectator mode version rather than a local one, resulting in the reticle being off and some things looking wonky.

I believe they’re looking into it and hoping to make improvements and fixes. I recently got a decent multi-kill in Warzone Assault and many people were wondering how some of my Pistol shots were registering because I chose to record it through Theater mode.