Theater mode player list

Hi! Does anyone knows if there is a list or team lock in the theater mode? I have been trying to get some clips but the mode doesnt let me pick myself!

Is a bug or I just completly miss a key?


bump for interest, the controls are absolute trash! I see my kills in the timeline, I click on the timeline to watch it and it swithces OFF ME TO ANOTHER PLAYER!??! WTF?
Ok, dumb but at least I am at the timestamp, so now I just have to switch back to my POV, right?


It only lets me switch through 4 players at that timestamp, not me! WHY? Who made this? Why can’t I just LOCK onto myself and skip to the timestamp I want?
Was this thing tested at all? I’ve been stuck for half an hour to undestand what my clicks on the timeline even do because it keeps switching off the players randomly. Filters also don’t do anything.