Theater Mode Machinima Fix

Ok guys i found a fix that is actually pretty common on my channel Halo Stories/ III Production. I’ll be posting a video on how to do machinima right from custom games. it’s a Theater mode fix really. A way to by pass the issue. However, My method does not use Theater mode at all. Some machinima directors may already know about this, but this is for those directors that don’t know how to do this. Well I’m here to help. IN about a few days to a week I’ll be posting the video on how to do this along with announcement about my machinima’s regarding Halo 5. Go subscribe and stay tuned to get the information, or just follow this topic. I’ll be commenting the video link here.

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<em>HOW TO FIX: (video how to do this: - YouTube)</em>
Step 1: Go to forge and create your desired map for machinima
Step 2: Go to get players needed for machinima. You cannot count yourself for this fix, you have to have everyone else do the rolls but you.
Step 3: Get capture card ready.
Step 4: Lunch your game with desired Gametype
Step 5: Move and hide your character from out of scene.
Step 6: ON your controller press (X) (A) and (Up on the d-pad)

What this will do is force your character into spectate mode. You can only do this with machinima controls on. With this on you can move around just like you could in Theater Mode. Have your players or team move around just you normally would as you record you scene right then and there.

Reason why its this way:
Reasoning being because red vs blue did machinima in this way, you can better create lip syncing machinima this way. Practicing and teaching the scene.
Reason you’d want to do this is for better role acting. In my degree of study Movies and Game Development always starts by creating the music, then adding the voicing then effects. In that order even before developing the game. Making machinima’s is the same process which is how I make mine.

Now that you understand this I hope it helps. Comment below if there are any issues with this. I’ll be posting my video on this to give a visualization of it.
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Ok guys here is the video of it!