Theater Mode Let Down

It”s a shame Theater mode isn’t” like it was in Halo 3
Was trying it out for first time today only to realize there’s no Recording Cropping or Screenshot features,It”s a let down

I don’t know about PC but I think they are leaving the recording and editing to the Xbox Capture feature. You can take screenshots/videos with just your controller.

So you’ll set up your theater clip normally but instead of pressing ‘Record’ inside the Theater, you would do it on your Xbox Controller instead. (press the Xbox home button to bring up the menu, press X to capture recent video footage or press Y to snap a screenshot)

I think this is how they are doing it unless there is an update later on.

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This is what I was thinking too. It would make sense with it being that easily available and would ease up on the backend for storage of these clips for 343 if they had their own system in place.

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I would’ve liked a separate Recording Cropping or Screenshot feature but the Xbox Capture feature works well enough for me.

My only problem is how Theater mode is really bugged. It’ll start the game with me focusing on a player that’s not me and there will be clips where it absolutely won’t let me watch myself. When I do manage to focus on myself, I’ll hear other people’s AIs and there will be some other weird glitches.

Like one clip I was trying to make with a Brute Chopper I was driving around on it and for some reason I had the Assault Rifle crosshairs and my Brute Chopper would randomly fire Assault Rifle bursts.

Also it seems like a lot of the Theater input button were erased when they worked before. Have to go into Controller Settings and assign all the buttons back to it.

Not a suitable replacement. You can’t pan around the map with video software.

But you can…not with the capture settings, but in theater, you can. Thus you pan and move as you want and record at the same time. Trim later and there you go.

I bet we have been given a played down version of theater and the real deal drops with forge. Alot of them camera options are the same between functionality between forging and theater. The programs are probably much similar in this regard. So that being said… I would agree that this theater mode IS letting us down.
Can’t skip forward precisely on one person without it going to the next person on the list of players in the match.
That alone makes me believe the two are tied and I’m just gonna avoid it for now till forge drops. I got my xbox to record for now