Theater Mode is unusable!

I was just trying to make a tiny clip of a nice kill I got and the camera keeps shifting to enemies and I just want to fast forward. I am fighting to controls to just stay on my POV but every time I FF it changes to some guy on the opposite team and I have to click 8 times to get back to me just for it to change to the same guy on enemy team.

Don’t even get me started on trying to use free camera to float around and look at thing. The controls actively fight you. There has never been a theater mode more unfun to use. Are there any plans to address this?


If you do something amazing in a join-in-progress game, don’t get excited. You might as well not even have entered the game. You can’t select your POV, and if you happen to see your character model, it’s glitched out and moves around with no animation. Not sure if this happens to everyone or just me, but it’s infuriating when I make an incredible play in these matches but can’t even record it.