Theater mode is buggy and hard to use

Halo infinite is a blast and its only in beta but to help spread more about the game and bring in more people marketing is one of them. And content creators is a good way to increase marketing but they can’t make content if theater mode has bugs and problems that hinder them from creating videos and navigate the UI.

Problems in theater mode:

  1. There are Videos in bookmarks that don’t have the option to play it.
  2. Its hard to navigate through the UI.
  3. In free cam mode you can still see like assist notifs pop up as well as several HUD sound effects.
  4. When toggling to your character in free cam mode the leaderboard pops up and it blocks the view. You won’t be able to jump, sprint, shoot, throw nades, you can only move your character.
  5. Is there an option/way to turn off the sound effects when u move your camera up and down?
  6. The animations are kinda broken and buggy.
  7. When you go to settings to change some features and going back to the video it resumes the video.


  1. It would be nice to add toggle/lower weapon down like previous halos
  2. Implement a volume control for the AI.

In the past from halo 1 up till now theater mode was a huge part of the community that brought joy to us fans and it got a lot of people to post their clips and highlights. Thank you for your hard work and listening to the community!


its controls suck, how is it that halo3 had so much better controls 14 yrs ago???

It’s the same problem with Halo 5 forge mode. It’s needless changes to a control scheme that worked just fine for years. To top it off, you can’t even display someone’s name when swapping players and you can’t remove the “How to” legend on the top of the screen without removing player health, map, ammo, etc… but just chalk it up to another 343 oversight so they can apologize for the six hundredth time in ten years. But whatever.