Theater Mode File Saving in MCC and Control Issues

Hey, guys. Ever since MCC introduced Theater Mode back into the mix, there has been a small issue regarding the lack of one feature and the sensitivity of a couple of controls on the Xbox One Controller. This is mostly regarding Halo Reach so bear with me for a moment.

(1). Back when MCC finally got Theater Mode, I distinctively remember it having a File Saving feature so you could go to your recent history and save your theater clips in the Local Files for later use. I don’t know if this was just a false memory for me.

But obviously, since then the ability to save Temporary History film files in your Local Drive isn’t even possible anymore. Where’d it go?
I’m sure a lot of people wondered about this since Game DVR isn’t what I like personally. Plus to have a Local Files Area for Film Clips saves time for me to get back to using/recording them in the later future. I hope they add that in at some point.

(2). This is regarding Reach since this is the only issue I’ve found so far with the use of its controls.
When using the D-Pad or buttons to interact with the Timeline in the film clip, it skips a beat even at the most sensitive touch of the button.

For example, I am in a 20 Minute Theater Mode Clip and I’m at 15 Minutes of the timeline: I want to go back by 30 seconds by pressing the D-Pad Left Button. But then it goes back by almost 3 minutes all the way back to the beginning of the clip. That’s the most frustrating thing I’ve had to work with when doing recordings for later uploads.
I hope controls for theater also start to feel less sensitive regarding button control and thumbstick maneuvers. I know there are settings for them.

Let me know what you guys think, it’s a bit of a hectic thing to deal with.

I’m pretty sure the seemingly “random” amount of time that is skipped forward or back has been present in theater mode since it’s inception, and is a result of how the coding works.