Theater Mode Confusion

To use file share/browser, basic Forge, and basic Theater, I already did a lot of Google searching, forum reading, and Youtube watching. But there’s one thing I don’t get.

Is there any way to record and then save a Theater file as a straight clip, exactly as recorded with the camera motions and everything, not an animation that you can watch with a camera from various perspectives and angles, but as a straight video?

Well, pressing Y you can “detach” the camera from your character and move freely through the map. If you start a record while on this mode, the camera movement will be saved as the default camera of your clip. You can zoom and move to show exactly what you want, but it takes a bit of practice till you get a good camera work. I usually have to do more than six or seven takes. Unfortunately, you can’t pause or do slowmotion while recording clips (at least I think).

Using just ingame systems? No. Theater actually works by recording all geometry, asset activity and movement, etc etc and then basically turning it into a self-contained script. It’s not a video, more a manipulatable cutscene. You can record clips though, which are basically sections of a full game and in hose you can manipulate the camera as you please and those will be the default camera positions for the clip, although they can still be manipulated by other viewers.

However, there are capture cards (HD PVR, etc) that you can plug in to your xbox and televison, which will record whatever is on the screen to your computer in a video format.