Theater Mode Armor Bug

Hello, Chronicler 177 here. It has come to my attention that there is a prevalent bug in Theater mode where all players’ armor gets switched from what they were wearing to default recruit. There does not seem to be an obvious fix for this problem. Obviously, this can make life hell for machinima creators like myself, as one might shoot scenes for several hours just to go into Theater and find that some or all of the footage is unusable. I know that an alternative exists in the Machinima Mode for custom games, but it is very difficult to shoot large action scenes live, and Theater is preferable for these kinds of scenes.

I had not planned on posting, but with the advent of the Weapons Tuning update, I saw that you (the developers) are still updating the game, and that gave me hope that there is still a chance this bug will be fixed. I know this post will not get much attention, but I have to at least try.

Thank you,
Chronicler 177

Bump for justice.