Theater match video files located where on PC?

One Huge Question:
Where are the Halo Infinite Theater match video files located on the PC?

I had a match that I enjoyed a ton around about 4 a.m. this morning and when I went to see if it was in there it wasn’t. I spent the next 2 hours trying to find it anywhere and I couldn’t find it along with I can’t delete the files that’s there I don’t want.

I really want to watch that game. I managed to keep an entire team from scoring the last core for 2 mins allowing us to catch up and win. ;-; I was so proud of myself. Been so long since I played that well.

If you ask me i’d say, the cloud… I don’t see anything in my game files. that would be videos, the only thing i found were the intro vids

IMHO all config files should be saved on out local drives! Heck 343i saves our AMD_GPU’s, Intel_GPU’s and the GPU_Nvidia confg files are saved on our hard drives locally. SO why not our map and mode sittings?