Theater is broken.

Yep. Was going through some film clips to have a look at some recent games I had played, but whenever I tried to rewind a bit the film would crash and tell me “An unexpected error occurred.” Then as it’s kicking me out of the film the game itself would crash and an Xbox Dash message would pop up telling me the disc is unreadable.

Really? Never had a problem with films back in 2007 when you could view a film with 3 other people. Now I can’t even watch a game of Oddball on my own.

Edit: should probably mention the disc is spotless and works just fine… Until I try to rewind.

What gets me is the fact that we can’t watch any campaign or spartan ops in theater either. Our group had some hilarious antics happening in spartan ops the other night and when I went to view and post vids of our adventures… none of the films were available. Why on earth would 343 take that out??

Yeah I wanted to record how I teleported across the map twice in Spartan Ops last night… but nope.

Exactly, it’s stuff like that we wanted to show. Not to mention a few great sticky throws. I really enjoyed using the theater to show off my Firefight antics in past versaions of Halo but I guess that aspect is over and done with now.