Theater Hard Drive Error

Okay, I have the crappy 4 gig HDD. But I also got the 16 gig thumb drive that the xbox likes. So, when I try to use the Theater all I get is an error with locked options. It says that I dont have an xbox hard disk drive. Which, I do. I found one post saying to change your privacy settings to everyone, which I have done. I have also cleared up the entire HDD by moving everything to the thumb drive, which originally it was all on my HDD. I would like to use the Theater, can anybody enlighten me as to what the issue is?

I have the same set up and the same problem, my xbox doesn’t recognize it’s own hard drive

I’m having this issue as well.

I also have had this issue from day 1… It’s very annoying!! Everything I read only stated you need a minimum amount of storage, not a minimum type of storage!!