Theater Friends

Halo 3 allowed you to bring a friend with you to watch film in theater. My friend and I would watch film together all the time. We used it to vastly improve our skills. This would be a fantastic option for Halo 5 to bring back. Who else would like to see it return?

There’s something I still don’t know about theater mode, about being able to bring a friend with you into it. When it was cut out in Reach, did they do that because of hardware limitations? Or did they take it out for some other reason?

I don’t know to be honest. This is a great in game mechanic that I personally know alot of people who would love to see it return.

I think it would be a good idea to bring friends into the Theater with you. It was a pain in Reach to upload the cropped clip onto my file share so my friends could see it.

Exactly, I felt the same way. While, in Halo 3 you could simply bring your friend/teammate in and watch together. A very small but amazing ability.

I was never able to watch Theater mode with a friend. For some reason, that feature never worked for me on my console. So, I don’t really care whether it’s in H5 or not, because I have never been able to enjoy the feature lol.

I agree I want to watch film with my teammates

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> I agree I want to watch film with my teammates

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