Theater Feedback

So I’m having some trouble with the theater mode. I think it’s a really good start but could use some improvements:

  • Add a control to move the camera up and down on the Y-Axis independently. It’s a real pain to need to position the camera angle by moving back and forth, up and down with just the thumbsticks (I use a controller). We need to have some kind of control like in the other Halo games where traditionally you move the camera strictly up and down using the bumpers.

  • There should be an option to get rid of the theater UI, without getting rid of the spectated player’s HUD. I bring this up because the only way to get the theater to showcase medals is if the timeline at the bottom of the screen is visible, and if you want to get rid of the timeline, it also makes the players’ HUD disappear and doesn’t showcase medals.

  • The last thing I’m going to add here is smoother and more reliable navigation when changing player view. Sometimes I have to press Y several times to get the camera to disassociate with the player in order to roam freely with the camera.

That’s it. Like I said, theater is in a good place to start, but just needs some slight improvements.

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Also the ability to edit clips in theater mode specifically would be fantastic, as it’s a key feature in every previous Halo…

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I find the interface hard to use and frustrating at times.
There needs to be a dedicated rewind button, right now there is only fast forward.
There also needs to be a dedicated pause and play button.
The camera also needs to not default to first/third person whenever I restart the game footage.
On PC I can’t look with the camera at all, mouse isn’t working. I can only move foward, left, right, and back.
I hope this becomes better in the future.

It would also be nice to be able to export videos on the PC version instead of relying on third party software to record screens.

I don’t know how it is on console, but the controls on PC are really unintuitive and clunky.


its controls suck, how is it that halo3 had so much better controls 14 yrs ago??

I think they’re just adding too much and overcomplicating the system.

You can get rid of the timeline and leave the HUD on, but the theater controls menu needs to stay for the HUD to remain. I would love to be able to trim and splice segments and save clips from theater, right now I think you can only use the xbox to record the last xx seconds or manually start and stop. I’d also like speed control (1/2, normal, and 2x at least).
I’ve made one clip and it took me an hour between using theater and the xbox clip editor.

I just had my first theater experience…


I had Spartans facing the wrong direction while shooting, and gliding across the ground instead of running. And this wasn’t what I witnessed in game. Even some of the armour and coatings were wrong.

When skipping ahead to my killing frenzy, the view would randomly jump to other Spartans and not me.

Also, I was trying to record a game clip with the Xbox (because that feature doesn’t exist), and once I removed the HUD there was no way of getting it back.

I had to quit out and reload several times before I eventually gave up.

Theater needs a lot of work, I have to say.