Theater bug: Armor, GT & service tag are replaced

Not sure what triggers it, but for some match recordings, your armor (though in my case it varied per life) gamer-tag and service tag get replaced with some random person’s, and you (both your GT/ST, and thee one replacing it) don’t show up in the scoreboard.

Someone else has a video showing off the issue: Halo 5 - Major Theater Problem - YouTube

It’s worth noting that in my case, my armor did stay the same for most of the game, only my GT and ST were different, but occasionally I would spawn with a diffrent helmet throughout thee game.

its really anoying this problem for making clips from good things in warzone.
and its the same with not starting in the Theater with your own spartan if you have play a full matchs from start thill end that it starts with a random player.

i hope there fix this problems fast.