Theater broken with films

so i had a really great match today and wanted to save the film clip, the theater is broken for months so i deleted almost all my film clips and now there are 22 left, i still cant save them, does everyone can often bookmark a film or does it never work with bookmarking? for me its the 2nd and i wanted to ask if others cannot save anything either

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I haven’t been able to watch a bookmarked clip in months. I stopped bookmark them.

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Bookmarking has literally never worked for me, not at any point since launch. Theatre mode is iffy and oftentimes the games themselves don’t even save properly so I can’t open any of them.

I’ve stuck to using the xbox game bar clipping/record function if I want to save anything at all.

hm thank you for answers, if i read this its sad to see theater is not working, i then watch the film if i still can and record it with the xbox record function, i glad recorded a part but i feel bad for people who had amazing matches and were not able to save their film clips, let alone watching

I always clip the parts I want with game bar, not my idea way of doing it.

ive done it the same way, made partial clips of the entire match, the film is gone because new ones came but at least i got it in the xbox bar, i dont think theater will get fixed this year ( or decade )